Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The VS Fashion Show Frenzy

It's that time of year again, when scores of girls spent their last night glued to their television screens to soak in everything that this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show had to offer. For those of us not in the grand ol' U S of A, this morning was spent hunting down a quality internet link so we too could enjoy all it had to offer. Although last year I was lucky enough to watch the show live in America, it was no less enjoyable watching it this morning on my laptop!

Although on the surface the idea of a lingerie fashion show seems like something that would be perfect for guys to sit there drooling over, the VS show is a big draw to girls all over. Whether they are watching to see the beautiful outfits, the musical talent or to give themselves some inspiration to go to the gym through the winter months (I would say all three!)

Then there are all the themes that make up the show, personally these were two of my favourites this year.

The Circus

Calendar Girls

All in all another successful year for the Angels. And with Adriana Lima giving birth 6 weeks before the show was taped, I guess anything is possible. With that, I'm off to the gym...

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