Thursday, 29 November 2012

Arm Candy Crazy

All you have to do is search #armcandy on Instagram or Twitter & you will be inundated with hits. No, not of men with a beautiful women on their arms but of girls showing you their wrists, jam packed with beautiful bracelets and watches alike. It's also hit the blogosphere too and whilst often your favourite blogger will be telling you all about her outfit, what will really stand out to you is what she has adorned her wrists with.

From top left clockwise Instagram accounts: eleonoraaricocalliedweberpeacelovesheasongofstyle

Now personally i'm always enamoured by the delicacies I see in the way of arm candy, but am normally left green eye monstered at the constant Rolex watches, Hermes bangles and Cartier Love bracelets which are just, unfortunately  out of my price range. So I have been on the hunt for my arm candy Christmas wish list. Some more realistic than others but nonetheless all within the realm of possibility.

You maybe able to tell that I am a gold jewellery kinda person. I got that Michael Kors watch for my birthday this year and everything else has sort of revolved around it since seeing as it is such a staple of my wardrobe! I know that the Henri Bendel is winging its way over to me this Christmas but in the meantime I may have to pop down the high street and raid Topshop's jewellery stand!

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